worm philosophy

Today I did some research on worms, and baby worms in particular (actually, I only googled worms and babyworms- yay google, and isn’t google a funny word? The weather here has changed drastically from hot to cold and rainy in the past week. I was surprised there were lots of dead baby worms in puddles of rain. They looked sick, not literally (they were dead, and half crushed most of them- being on a footpath. It reminded me of human flesh, and then, could it be so surprising? that our insides greatly resemble the texture and flesh of a worm-that ultimately lives off the ground we (if it floats your boat) should be buried in some day? and offcourse birds should eat worms: because they fly! It seems apt that they take those creatures, hidden beneath the ground, and eating -what is essentially- a past buried and decaying, and take it up to the highest places in the world. They transfer this energy to the highest point- on the top of a tree or a mountain- so that it can trickle back into the foodchain which will perhaps- one day reach us, so, thank you earthworm Jim, for helping recycle the most elementary elements of this world.


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