At first there were the embers of a fire

An unsettled history

in a gust of wind

Diseased with resentment

-So began the flame


carrying with it a bitterness

collecting it’s list of wrong-doings

combining it as evidence

flammable proof they toss into the fire

look -how fast it grows!

How exciting its blood-lit curling dance is!


how blinding!


They stand, mesmerised around the growing fire

Chanting songs of hate in growing voices


 A cycle of events snowballing

Out of control

And when it begins to die-perhaps- they fear they will

fear the cold

or -where their eyes  will look to, when they have no

spotlight to spot?


So, they keep collecting evidence

Looking back at their history

Forward- making predictions

taking everything, everything they can!

Shredding it shredding it and

Throwing it into that flame

one fucking flame for everything and

it all turns turns to ash

when you generalize, when you assume

-when you call every Muslim a terrorist.


they took that person, this person

the every person they never knew

the mother and her child

they took my mother and father

my sister, my nieces and nephews 

they even took my dead brother

threw them and him into that fire too


the growing crowd continues gathering

with handful of their flammable shreds of

fear, confusion, anger. misunderstanding

throwing them into a choking red-hot

consuming claw

 screaming rawr!

Mesmerised by a fire and unaware

Within it -a thousand innocents burned

With the hate they created. Are creating.


Unaware – that embers turn to fires

And fires spread… fires kill

unaware that with hate, evidence, and confidence

Blood is bound to spill.


So, let us be the water

That puts that fire out

Before we lose another

Let us shout

A song of peace and love

so we might try

and save those future victim’s lives.


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