another attempt at my thousand words for the day

The less I read in a day, the more difficult it is to write. Today I read nothing. Let us see what a lack of reading influence does to a person. I suppose it would be okay, when one is confident enough to know what their writing style is. Writing about writing isn’t going to help me figure that out, however, let us just write now. Let us find a sentence, that isn’t talking about a sentence. What should I say? In front of me, a window of blue sky framed in trees clothed in shivering leafs. That is all, I can’t write without reading. I’m going to spend the next few hours reading Erich Fromm’s ‘To have or To Be’ and Ray Bradbury’s ‘ Something Wicked this Way Comes’ that I haven’t begun to read yet. First though, some long life-overdue news, which I want to begin reading more often now. Bom dia!


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