passionate penguins- blast from the past

So they ate silver spoons and laughed at the moonlit mansion in a sick sadistic fashion, riding the rollercoaster of their twisted minds ranting about all the passionless penguins the world increasingly carved from its over-structured and under-felt ways. What are words? we are..was the answer they came up with, twirling their ancient locks of hair as they walked through ceilings and flew through walls trying to sense the making of everything over and over again, polishing it to such perfection that they forgot. they forgot what it really was. When all they had left was their pride all they felt was shame, and what a shame that was- to the self-acclaimed judges that thrived on the pompous clouds they walked on from their own stale and heavy breaths of judgment. what a sick world we live in, they said it was only perspective..Save the world and cleanse your air, we are all artists in our being. Words manmade may be untamed..

Written in 2010


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