The beatings of a beast

Like the beatings of a beast against my heart

It is apart with chambers chained to never start

Like the turnings of a tide within my mind

There is a shallow drowning monster that resides

And to its madness I confide, and chance

The taking of its tide

within a current that is blind

in chaos raging –yet- so kind

a numbing pain, a place to scream

the everlasting peace of dream

and in those beating beasts a stillness

locked away within an isolated illness

eternity entrapped within a swollen mind

encamped within a broken heart encased

within a negative thought space


Challenge those beating beasts to break

their arms and take their tongues

to bleed them dry

Let them disintegrate into a sky

Detach their presence from your eyes

and sing another song- and sing it strong!

Let different symphony change their tones

and let this different sound belong!

let waves of laughter break their bones

so they will crumble into dust

and then you see shining beneath- another truth

that you can trust

to rebuild a school of thought within

retraining thoughts within your mind

to break the beast and keep it lame

recognising it as nothing tame

be weary- you are ill

and need more practice being



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