Critique on Man V. Food

whats on? Man V. Food. I’ve not seen this show before, but I am wondering why, in a country that was until recently the most obese in the world, they would condone shows where a man tours the states eating quantimous amounts of oil fried junk foods. I feel stuffed and sickened just watching it. No, that 13 hour deepfried meatloaf swimming in an oil gravy does not look delicious. Those pancakes caked in chocolate icecream and cream with a few berries thrown over to make it ‘healthy?’ could not be breakfast. Why not advertise the healthier options? shows like this will make people think that it is okay, and influence a world of suffocating hearts and disabled humans. We are all responsible. We are all influenced. Watching the amount that Adam eats is like animal cruelty to humans and in front of a camera, is it not?  He says yum but his eyes say different. Is he self-sacrificing himself to be an example of what not to do?I don’t know. But I’m watching it, like someone has just said on the show relating to when Adam takes up the battle of eating 15 dozen- over 100 raw oysters in an hour (this done after a shot of him having buckets and buckets of chicken wings): ‘Its like watching someone about to jump off a building- you can’t look away’.



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