three years today

Time held you fast and ushered me along

I walked backwards staring


in shock. Arms held out to you saying

“please stay”

Time pushed me further still


and you are always static

watching unblinking unmoving 

fading and returning and fading and

returning like waves of memory

on an increasing low tide

a smaller-in-the-distance thing

and I wish that I could cut 

time and return to when

you were closer 




I wish that i could hug you

I wish you would tell me what


just what to do now

I wish I could tell you what

I was up to

I know what you would say


I hear you say it

less and less

and we are only paper-cutouts

without you here

you were roots and us the plants and its

all broken now everything is

dying before our very eyes

now what

what are we supposed to do with these

unfinished puzzles?

how are we supposed to be when you were

the presence that showed us how

now everyone forgets to breath

everything is broken and

you, you can’t teach us about








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