write to unfeel.

This damned day

sends tremors down my spine

and gutaches and memories of smiles and a

fistsfull of wishes compact dreaming and wishing and

wishing and wishing and wishing that it weren’t so


streams of tears with no rivers to reach an endless

unforgiveable loss you

you should not be there you should not have



where are you now you should have been


sitting there at dinner talking

laughing a happy family

this should have been just another day it

should have been

it should have been

I wish I could tell you

I wish you could tell me

that everything was okay

to breath and be brave

every atom on my skin is

screaming and trying to jump

jump into whatever cosmic space

your’e in so we could have a 


and I could tell you how mom is

I know


is an illusion I know 


are only


but why couldn’t you have been

as older brothers should have been

why are you there and not


its not fair. 




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