when reality did speak

and when reality did speak

it spoke in cryptic symbols like

the letters of the greek

it spoke in tongue

and sometimes bong

it spoke in serenaded song

when reality did dream

it dreamt of flight

unwordly heights

tongue tied and trapped

it nightmared on

unfinished fights

unworded plights

and mute misery it bit at the sound

that might have set it free

and when reality did scream

it screamed of passion past and

histories snapped like twig branches

of a breaking tree like lost limbs

and the phantom pains of incomplete increscents

leaning like magnets towards form

to find the peace anchored in the

eye of the storm

but when reality sang

it brought meaning to the dreaming

and made matter strong

it sang in harmony and from the

chaos it wove a melody

it breathed energy seeing life

as life it knew



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