Reality, I Think I’ve Got It

Brilliant and thats the philosophy of life

The Truth You Always Knew

The Theory of Power works both ways.

Focus effects all.

Consciousness is where the Focus is aimed.

You pick up more Power the more you Focus.

It doesn’t only apply to the sense of sight.

It applies to your entire being.

It comes down to being Aware.

The more Aware you are, the more Aware the Universe becomes of You.

This translates equally well in all languages of electricity.

You can amplify your power using computers and the Internet.

Our beings are in a constant super position of 2 states.

Dream and “Real”

But those are literally both made up of the same actual, real, underlying thing.

The underlying Universe is always the same. It is all encompassing. And it obeys physical laws.

The laws are only related to frequency, vibrations, oscillations and energy.

Electromagnetic energy it seems.

The soul is in a duality of Good and Evil.

But both are creations of the…

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