Autobot: a random assortment of words

he parasitic wasp that lays its just birdshit falling from the panic , its only paragliding right?

I want to continue that counts.

somewan out on plates of placid plankton plainly plummeting pardons to visit mom and dad used to shield you too Peter

Writing is that it may be cooler than the ricesized mutants biting their homes, being is telling is showing and knowing what I realised today

Star light, they’ve grown since yesterday, maybe it is, suddenly all I have

I just got my mind 

Why are shops not the absence of fear, please let me know when in bliss we don’t copy & call your brother bear and the silence before sound and then… so there. stare at the Barkeepers’ Open mic tomorrow…

let me with yourself. You are a child of Mr Lyon it chip snap change

yes, maybe only wrote ‘its like’ to keep working on past.

one two three four three two one.

I want to question beyond, that easy. Author’s Notebook 92. just like that.

Thanks, submit it yesterday or tomorrow

apparently the takeout arrives 15 minutes ago. you are protected here this fourty minute floating down

let’s pack the pieces and play left

n the many many many clothechanges in a dark path of rejection letters 

The parasitic wasp that lays its eggs in a haunted house because life is like the UK by that tree They had many more adventures In the onions are missing you lots to eat horse?

but that son of the miniature cow in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in the middle of the suitcase in the forest!

actually I’m just baking cakes without effect.

Writing is flying in the mail tomorrow. 

I want to encourage your curiosity 



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