you are nobody

stop singing

stop dancing around the point like

an avalanche missing the ground

stop picking at the dust pieces in the corners of the wall

to roll them into bricks that make dust castles on the windowsill

to light up just because

you wanted to see your dreams ignite

stop watching those clouds on the left make their way to the

write. like a smile without eyes…stop overthinking and under-doing when things left undone

bring gravity to your shoulderblades and weigh an invisible tonne

stop wishing that your best friends would ask about you when its been over a month

stop acting like it doesn’t hurt when your nightmares tell you differently

stop being too busy to think about things that matter

stop counting numbers of quantity in time or money or achievements

stop counting days left to dreams and stop making dreams…

make a plan instead

place intention here and water it with steps then

watch it grow

watch it reach those clouds so you might reach that castle in this real world

be this

if you must count

then count the days that you have left in this world

not with numbers

with the understanding that if you cupped your hands and

held as many days as you could within them

it would never be enough

be blessed

stop holding onto anything too tightly

understand that life is just an instant over instant

start to live without that tonne


you are nobody.


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