every step

cupboards full of childhood

baskets full of teddybears and boxes full of stickers

old tshirts since I was ten that fit

a little differently now

and no wonder. No wonder there is no space for adulthood left

when I’m holding onto..what? nothing that I need. 

just to ‘remember’ a time that is long gone. 

and a thought passes through me like the memories

that never stayed forever

that maybe trapping my memories in material makes me

lose their true essence in my mind

as I let them go into these matter things

trusting that they will stay true and close

they do not. 

throw it away

throw it away to keep it closer to heart

clear out one, two and three shelves for your ‘adult’ life

clear out a workspace table

organise your books and dreams and plan things

plan every step towards a goal

here comes melbourne

here come poetry

here comes reading and writing

and reading

and writing and constantly improving

improving improving

always struggling trying and writing and

this. This is a reminder

remember now

you are not a child anymore

you can daydream of real things and 

build them in steps


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