Em, A7,C, G

once there was whole there was happy

and control

like a newborn still complete

with a passion and


like a dream all fulfilled

and a presence and

two feet

on the ground and the laughter and the

love all around

and the faces always kind

and a blind to cruelty

and all words they had

meaning defined like in a


and we danced in the unbroken trance of our lives

making shapes out of shadows

finding courage in knives

(skip notes, play harsh, and make ‘minor’ the tune from here)

then it fell then it shattered

and it smashed to smithereens

from a whole it was altered into

a million pieces

no control

small as dust they got carried

in a wind

losing trust they got lost

they were broken and unwinged

from the sun melted feathers but the fall was not


on the water that was blue yes the damage


as it  drowned in forever

watched the world fall apart

vision comprimised

from the marks  on its broken eyes

Icarus- but they never told your whole story…

How they took you from the water and

They made you swallow pills

And they told you to be normal because

Being different kills and

They made you wear shoes and

They taught you how to walk

Though the ground burnt your feet and

You didnt know how to talk

with the words

That they used and the meanings they


And the things that they valued and

the way that they


All their lives making matters out of miniscule things

like money and all its material


(to be continued…)


Note: this is a take on the icarus story and depression. kind of a journey, Icarus is the every human and  life is a journey, we live with wings in our egos that take us too close to the sun sometimes, and when we fall we drown in a broken sense of confidence. The trick is learning to walk on water.


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