I saw the moon today

its fingerprint imprints

told the shadows of an ancient

unknown story

lurking, far away like myth

meets impossible moment and they

collide to make a wallpaper wonder that

wastes away into nothingness in that distant

place we call- the rest of the universe

I saw a wallpaper once, five minutes ago, 

of a million stars glowing against a night sky, trapped

in a glowing box framed within another dimension-

-they call it a screensaver and it happens when I

forget this screen for five minutes- note, it is where I saw the

moon too. 

I killed a bird yesterday. It sat with a group on the 

asphalt road peking at the pieces fallen beneath a busy

tree and I promise you I did slow down to an almost stop.

It stopped too. While the others flew away it stayed. Now I 

know I should have known better but for that time, there

is no next time. There is only next time

and next time will be that time once more. 

History is only an unravelling of our future laced with

the pasts wisdom. We are all old souls sentenced

to evolution and I wonder- a different wonder this time

-whether we have done it right. 


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