Dune bashing

power and a petrol smell

sand in my eyes

sound in my face

fear on my tongue


hold on tight

-this will be a bumpy ride!

fast enough to climb up and up until

you reach that horizon 

hoping its not too steep a drop on the other side because

you forgot the brakes and accelerated instead

so we decided to fly        -one second- or two …

met ground on tip and almost toppled forward

balanced like a spinning top then -thank God- fell back

and stopped. 

breath for a moment. You ok? yep, ok? yep 

and carry on! 

steep slides and power

that refreshing smell of petrol

flying along a bumpy ride of

mountains and the ocean along a horizon

edges and edges and edges everywhere

there is no closer ground to cloud

we are on top of the world!

surround by a very loud surround sound

I watch it tiptoeing 

to see across the edge of a blurry window

sand in my face

sound in my eyes

blue sky, mountaintops and steep drops!

the smell of petrol and fear and friendship

yeah, dunebashing’s alright!






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