I forgot how to fall asleep

stuffed nose aching everything

eyes watching space and time collide

like static atoms on the air

rainbow pindrop particles of nothing

listening to the humdrum of AC and

thoughts that travel everywhere in a day

and year

and life- time

remembering reviewing judging renewing

my experiences with a memory 

I forgot how to listen to silence

and sense the sound it would make

instead I look to the canvas and look for a place


let time fall and disappear and I will or will not be here

let it be what it will I don’t need to worry or fear (it rhymes, but

that doesn’t make it any less true)

and what if I forgot how to fall asleep? 

don’t sleep then

the world will not end at that

so let me watch time tick one second

after the next after the next and 

paint my sleepiness with coffee when I 

‘wake’ and put credit in my mind and find words

that make sentences that say things and 

say things that people want to hear and trust eventually

sleep will switch off my mind and put dreams in its place


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