diary of a beginner driver (watch out roads)

So, I got my license last week (just over a week actually) and since then there have been a few…incidents (getting less I assure you). I figured I should probably keep a diary to track my absentminded tactics. So, lets go…

Day1, dad gives me his car. I am not so used to driving it, it is much bigger than the one I practiced in. I make my way to the agency to sort out papers for University (I am currently accepted from today- yay) and then I drive back home, passing by the shop and then going to work and then coming back home. Rest for a couple of hours and then there is an art exhibition to go to; it is night time now, and the second time I have ever driven at night ( and the first time alone, and in this car). I don’t know the way to this place, and after a few cars flashing me I realise my lights are not on…and then I realise I don’t know how to switch them on (now I know). Somehow at that point I could only mange to flash them back, switching on the lights that only switch on when you hold it. Now, the roads are packed full of cars everywhere its a small two-way road and of my choice of left or right to find the place- I pick right, the wrong choice. Reach the end of the lane and turn into someone’s parking to do a drive and reverse- drive and reserve- drive and reverse turn so that I’m finally ready to join the road again, waiting for just the right moment, please note- the blaring glaring night lights look like watercolour and I am terrified from shaking hands to an aching tummy at this point. I then make my way down the road, slow enough to get angry beeps behind me, still looking for the place. . . I Find it! finally, but alas, no parking. In my happiness I swerve across the road past the cars in the opposite direction and towards the building, that is jam-packed with cars, leaving me no room but to manoeuvre my way forward, inching slowly, in the small space left on the out-of-road road, with each car in the opposite direction having to move around me as I’m kind of on the road here, terrified, crawling forward. In the end I make it to a parking, get there, take pics, notes, yada da da and then while leaving, cut the corner and hit the plastic bumper of a car. Yep, one day in on a license and already an accident. Nothing happened to the other car, but the passenger seat of dads is now dented. 

Day 2, make it to work okay and lalala, then I park off-road for my classes, forgetting that it had just rained, and get stuck in the mud. The teacher pushed it out while I reversed, and it worked. Now its only a muddy interior and the fact that I’m out of petrol to deal with (first power stop tomorrow) 

Day 3, I’m going to a place and lose my way, I pick the road less travelled by only to find it is concreted shut…now I have a dilemma…some steep mean looking platform V edge and I’ve somehow got to reverse-n-drive my way around it, do I make it? I thought I could.. 3 minutes later I’m stuck and the edge of that V is somehow wedged right smack into the middle of the cars body- reversing would get me stuck on front wheels- forward would get me stuck on back wheels. Then the beeps begin and its a line of cars behind- at this point I realise that yes- it is a one way way to the way that they wanted to go, and I’m blocking it with not a clue how to get out of this one- I look across the road and tell this kind fellow driver in that age-old language of hopeless…what now? how? He takes the seat and drives it free for me, helped by another pedestrian, it was quite a manoeuvre , not something I would have been able to do – and the plastic bit at the bottom of the car is hanging down, also- its got lots of mud rocks in it, what do I do, though.. I’ve not a clue.

Day 4, fearless. . . I drove to the same place, almost got stuck in the mud at another location but then reversed my own way out of it, was feeling confident enough to overtake a few cars and drive 100 at some parts and Not feel terrified. I was peaceful and aware, letting cars pass when they needed to (checking the rearview) and overtaking with caution and not swerving nervously if other cars neared me….I think this driving thing, it does get easier 🙂


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