ask me and

I will fail

I will break as if I were made of sand

my frame will fall apart like it 

fell from a height onto

sharp rock my sanity

will be like the prayer beads tangled

into a knot and snapped and all

the stones will be rolling on the floor

like neon glass and broken shards that sit

in the etchings of bricks unseen except by the 

person who sat and meditated in the same spot 

every day every day and for five minutes I cant

follow deadlines they are too dead and too lined

instead of dead can they be live instead? and not lines but an

empty page can the shape of different words be read? can they be

spirals and can they progress like living things and grow

from thought into other thought can they

breathe and mature like a cheese or a wine but not french- 

because french is not english and I need words. In English. I need words

now because time has its small sharp teeth piercing my heals and 

the pain makes me lose focus and more time and this time. This time

and I cant

find words when I’m staring at the seconds pass and the seconds

are passing 

They are passing now

this very second

I am a knot. This is






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