The Arabian Humpback Whale

Arabian sea, gulf of aden, Indian Ocean

found off the coast of Hasik

your home never stretched too far

A small family self contained

you struggled to find another like you

your tail and dorsal fin a fingerprint of

who you are

Your song reaches this cliff cove to the next

mixed reflections from the shallow coral and the deep unknown

your song changes, evolving with your thoughts and influence

your skin shines against the sun as you breach

your song is sad a lesson to humans you try to teach

1966 a genocide of your kind

now you are almost one of a kind

83 in estimate in the world in each other

and the waters are great

seemingly infinite

our selfish habits crushed your fate

fished the ocean onto our plate

put the fuel on our feet and

the diamond in our eyes

we never heard of comprimise


there is hope yet

the only migratory whale species

unique to the gulf

the Arabian Humpback Whale will return


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