whats the word for

when you care about a person


you treat them especially bad?

whats the word for bullying

as a preventative measure of


whats the word for having a birthday

and not inviting your best friends

whats the word for 

choosing to call her a bitch

making her feel like the worst 

in the world

just because

whats the word for wanting to break your knees

into pieces so you cant move or

gagging your mouth with loud words so you

can’t say any more

whats the word for

losing your bag so you don’t have the

house key or 

losing your bag so you can’t return that

text message

whats the word for I don’t understand you anymore

and the word for I’m done? 

what is the word for finished

is it a tear? because I seem to 

be speaking like that. 



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