reasons I am frustrated

Things. Things. Things. 

biding time for quality binding 

rhymes for equality pining because

pressure switched on and running

clocks are sinking socks into the tick of tocks of 

graves, gravel gestures at our ankles 

we are slaves to this time-thing its got

clasps that we call bangles on our wrists

cuffed fists a never-ending list of wishes

eyes spacing out into outer space we 

fail to see the grains that claim our place

passion growing and departing granted taken

souls forsaken companies mistaken matches

making fire making freelance skip the space between

your eyes and that imaginative place 

daring dreams and walking airs and talking

madness in our spells maintaining sanity a gift 

we need to clarity of sea for the clarity of see

so let me leave, now and begin to find

my harmony 






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