Busking as a living statue

Check out this awesome blog by a very talented friend of mine.

Cornwall Street Theatre


This is me…. not the best image but it was taken in the public toilets in Truro. or more formally known as (my busking changing room) Its an unusual part of my day job but I have to admit I do love to see the look on ladies faces as I walk out of the cubicle painted white, hoisting up my heavy long wedding dress to reveal a not so elegant pair of wellington boots. Then I venture on to the high street to find a spot. Busking as a living statue is a side job to running my company Hotch Potch and community project The Crooked Thicket. But its become a valuable part of my life. It reminds me why I do what I do and gives me that very satisfactory engagement with the public that I thrive on in all my work. Human Statue kind of gets a hard press at times, because “all you…

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