nevermind poetry for a while

maybe I should do prose. Words are words and I want mine to be from a truth that is closer to the heart than the mind. I want my words to be flames with a heat that will scorch minds like a good idea. What did I learn today? I watched inspiring videos and decided that skill is something that is reached step by step and constantly. It is that beacon in the distance that we strive to reach day by day. We cannot slack lest we develop the wrong habits or lose the momentum that we previously gained. We must work towards our goals each and everyday with a passionate intention, from the inside out and then when we lose that for one reason or the other by then it will have been a habit that will follow us still from the outside in, like habits do, like if you were to have a cig each day with intention to and then you stopped, your body would still crave it and you would find yourself reaching for that smoke, but if instead, the cigarette was prayer and meditation and writing paragraphs, prose and poetry and reading Dostoevsky and practicing capoeira and stretching more each and every day, then that is a life well done. It is a life of constant improvement and an increasingly evolving wellbeing. That is what I am hoping for in my life. 


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