We don’t need words to communicate

I wish that I could speak without words

Instead, I wish that I could speak with everything else

from the depth or shallow of my breath to the

blink of my eyes and the curl on the edge of my


yet we are social creatures

we throw our words into the air and watch

as they fall to the ground

how most of it disintegrates-

only some of it is found.

And yet we need words

to wrap ourselves around them like a blanket

that shields us from all the cold in the world,

We are made of too many nerves

and words, they are its outlet, those

pinprick beams that bounce off them like

invisible meaning that paint each others

minds and saves us from an isolated sadness

-but let me paint your mind without words

let me skip that transition and lift those layers that

skin that shield

lift the concave of your heart and make it convex

remove your concrete skull and let me dissolve meaning into

your beating beautiful mind directly

let me show you.

we don’t need words to communicate




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