maybe I should write

maybe I should test how

these words sing invisible 

sounds in your mind, the melody of

ideas ricocheting in the hollow

static, listening to your awareness

laughing in the distance hiding

behind the pupils of your closed

doors when the flicker-lightening 

cinema rolls releasing you from 

the moments that stand like a brick

wall in your open face

waiting for you to run into it

and break your 



I left

my heart in my hand

just to see how it beats

watching it pulsing

like a tickertock time machine

running out of it

-how bizarre 

sunlight never asked for a shadow

so I snip at the one by my feet

like an extra gravity it pulls at my


and I feel lost

I want to retreat

jump into that painted nothing where

cold is a cage that contains you

I may have lost the plot again






Cannot see itself

It sits in the dark in a box called

blind as it feeds itself.


doesn’t know how to meet change

standing back to back

they lean against eachother

but they don’t see one another

They stand with their arms crossed

and will not speak to one another

and they don’t remember why

wrong will not walk you to the door and say 

“This is the way out.”

it will not announce its name

when it meets you

wrong will never take a step back

instead it waits for you to step forward

someone told me once it would whisper

so that you had to lean towards it

to listen

so, come closer


this is what wrong is. 







I am not afraid

This beating heart knows better

what is the sound of invisible sound?

what is the sound of invisible things crashing

all at once to the ground?

How does it shatter and where are the pieces?

what is the sound when breathing-in freezes?

When this all stops I will put it in a box

-call it strength and use it as fuel and I will step

let me feel this 

now breathe


and jump




I had the spade

Look what I dug with it?

knee-deep in misery

what else could I have made?

a hill? a house? a house on a 

hill? watch how I stacked my dreams

over each other and see how they


This is self-destructive 

it is a meaningless void to fill

silence never needed a sound

I was never lost to be found

so step up now and be still



rap like the rhythm was imbedded in your

system rhyme like the lines were finely-cut

into your time speak like an ego that 

was sitting on your crown as you watched

the world back-to-front and upside down

walking backwards talking forwards

forward moments motives movements

what is this micro-speaking magic? stop, step back

and away and run forward and fast

looking upward eyes closed thoughts open

and Trip fly fast air dynamic fleeting

freedom and then


in and out of focus

step in closer and


see the pixilated granules that makes things be

see the shadows beneath each granule the way that it

sits that it curves that it is

see its shade its tone the colours within the colours

of its colours. see everything.

then step back,

see those pieces that sit next to it

see the granules that surround it, the

crowd that it gathers, see the shapes that

it makes see the shade that

emanates from it when all its pieces combine

see the picture that it comes from

see its whole being

overstand it before you understand it

and if over and under were opposites, 

then we must simply stand it. 

so be still and