and the rainbows hit the air

as the sparkling water sprinkled
over all of us, the stompers
of the dust, mini tornado whirlwinds
uniting to cause havoc in the sunshine
the glitter smiles for miles n miles
the werewolves the pixies the fairies the unicorns
the scarecrows the treaters and the tricksters
the laughing and the crackling the cheeky
and the hipsters
tunes that turn your limbs into spiritual
instruments listening and responding to
all the echoes of its layers a mind that
is unknotting a mind that is unclogging
a freedom a breath a breath a breath
eyes wiped clean and see fresh
life and pure love everywhere the self has lost
its frame watch it fly across the plains
in a dance and a trance and a some
pixilated grains
a stable stance, an unravelling of mindful
moment, an extension of connection, a
progression of being,

the evolution into seeing.


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