What we are

we are communicators, in essence. We are storytellers. We linger on a moment and an instant and we stretch it until we see all of its pixilated skin clearly and without a doubt. Until we see closer and magnified as many of its infinite reflections that we can. We are builders and, pixel by pixel we will construct, we will do it by sound and sight and smell, we will do it by reflection and memory, we will even do it by pulling closer those thin threads from our childhood, nostalgia, the ones that would surely break because of distance, had we not been there to remind you, subtly, that you exist as a whole, with a history and a future. That you are one and contained and that your story, which you cannot see, confines you. We are communicators, and we hope that we communicate the means to derive the feelings that will form a story that will leave you with a meaning and a lesson.


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