Well done Sun Yang

So you won

and behind that win

an effort

of tired days and sweat and tears

of one step after the next even when your feet

were aching and your breath -almost out of itself- was breaking

They were your dreams, far away and near all at once

which you tried to reach which you didn’t know that

you could touch but you still tried, with every inbreath

to upright your posture every out breath to extend your stretch

You stretched yourself towards it until there was almost nothing left

-and then you Won

You won the Gold, and earned it

and when you tried to show that moment to the crowd in glitter exhilaration

it flew into the pool-  and so what?

– is that what we will celebrate? is that what we will stand on to crush you?

What happened to our pride, our nurture what happened to our best costumes?

Why have we become the bullies in a make-beliefe school-ground waiting to see what you are not, waiting to judge you a lot.

No, don’t let the media win. we are humans first, and you had the best swim!

Well done Sun Yang.

And to those that focus on the ‘cap throw’ gone wrong,

I think that is where the media fails.




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