And in the silence I have learnt

That truth before is still

truth now

Even if the sound hid it for a


And in the silence I have learnt

That some friends before still friends now

and some friends before not friends now

And in the silence I have learnt how

to tell the difference

And in the silence I have learnt to

Feel the hurt and absorb it to

Dissect the bruise and question what it is about it exactly that makes me hurt and to find that thin strong thread of core truth and follow it to the point where it points out where my wound is and then further to where it understands how to help me heal

And in the silence I found an inward journey that went on for centuries and knew everything it needed to know instinctively

And in the silence I found an aching sadness that nothing is ever truly found that nothing is ever truly understood

But in this silence I also found a quiet joy in realizing that nothing is really ever truly lost. That it is right here, all the time. In this silence

And in this silence I found a power in the stillness

It is looking without watching. It is hearing while gently listening. It is a complacent passive understanding in observance

It is knowing,

Really knowing


I don’t

Count minutes; I count moments

I count sunrises, sunsets and


laughter, the knowing and the glowing shared connections

of mealtimes squished around the table- extra chairs please!

-the timelessly terrific, the

absolutely divine

-the laughing until crying

and offcourse -the fullyfed satisfied sighing

I don’t see the connective tissue of your eyes but the connection it inspires

the windows to your heart and mind; how they say everything in an instant and sometimes fly a million miles away distant

I don’t count time; it would compartmentalize that instant in a way that makes it ever distant.

Like a picture of a painting isn’t a painting at all, or how

a message to a loved one isn’t the same as a phonecall

When we could all choose to be here

-nearer to the Now that is so fleeting,

constantly appearing and disappearing

like a spark or a glimpse or an echo having just arrived

for an instance and then it’s gone into the always-seeable distance

like an evermoving wave always rolling with the times

we could just get on our boards, wait for it, paddle paddle jump and ride

I think

We’re all just surfing time