ISO, Aperture, Shutterspeed

to create a shallow depth of field

to achieve bokeh, to learn about balance

ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Trap light, Trap

time, Trap moment. Trap a look. Trap a story

Trap a history.

and trap it right.



Dreams of fried egg

over nasi goreng

and the crunch of fresh crushed

ice lemon juice (we won’t call it lemonade)

And the dead weight of dates make the palm bend


as neon parakeets collect their sweet treasures and

leave the gems behind to grow. And

the shrieks of a hungry child- who might just

be tired-don’t you know? and a switch to their bright smile,

see the eyes of an opening mind and the stretch

of a waking soul and the wonder and surprise

as their world unfolds

watch this pitter patter of chitter chatter

over chai