What does it mean

To breath
when lungs expand to take in all of
life to breath out insight from this
outsight, the push up from a platform that tiptoe
from ten tired toes that lift up from a concrete world
What does it mean?
to step without sight
forward and onward and onward until out of sight?
what does it mean
when armour builds
so when metaphorical rocks hit
the statue of your self it
does not chip?
a picture cannot see itself
Onward then and step
and build
and be


step into silence to see

which sounds still echo and
what which will fall away like the dead
skin of the corpse it covered
look at the chasm of whole life from first
steps to first sights
what real veins necklaced around you in
living pulses from a heart -see
what real pulses ricocheted to make a self
keep path and not past and proceed in good health

eternal neon

threads, stitched onto the outercrust
of self to gravitate an anchor to the
a window that we paint
the face without a book and every book
without a face that metal clink of cold
words that make your mouth cold to read
out loud.
eternal neon thoughts
like citylights and spaceships