Present. Ooozing fruit,

still on a tabletop of sunshine.

Quaint potential,

passionate truth enveloped

in a perfect setting

sunbeam racing through the window

yellow thoughts touch its skin

radiance ignites a vision

sings. Break it with a

slice. Silent screams 

shred it in a blender

grotesque flesh mulched,

Change it into something



invisible sound

keep me at bay

keep me posted of the words you

will not say

let me leave

let cast my net and form my future to 

receive my own gains my own castles

to create

leave me free

let me listen to the silence and where it like a crown

as I dance into the distance with a future and a frown

pandemonium persistence and a life of real



Are you

your thoughts?

that automated trigger-happy cycle

ready for outside influence to create

your personality.

I will not be your influence

let your chaos break into a million

pieces let your fires rage around my

being let swords and scissors cut at my

soul, if i shut my eyes I will not see

I cannot feel

you will not change me


corrupt chaos clings

to the edge of my mind

words sharpened into battle spears

I am ready

words have done their best and now

bring on the worst,

show not tell

those dancing demons of


when I speak now my

loudest word will be






whats the word for

when you care about a person


you treat them especially bad?

whats the word for bullying

as a preventative measure of


whats the word for having a birthday

and not inviting your best friends

whats the word for 

choosing to call her a bitch

making her feel like the worst 

in the world

just because

whats the word for wanting to break your knees

into pieces so you cant move or

gagging your mouth with loud words so you

can’t say any more

whats the word for

losing your bag so you don’t have the

house key or 

losing your bag so you can’t return that

text message

whats the word for I don’t understand you anymore

and the word for I’m done? 

what is the word for finished

is it a tear? because I seem to 

be speaking like that. 


rainbow dewdrops

be civilised

clarity found in simplicity

a dewdrop rainbow

miniscule wonder

awe and the world

communicated through the


awe in this presence this

instant this


Focus, off course this is important,

but do not grasp what we seek

we tread softly and think with instinct

before we speak

the leafs stirring in the sky are watching us

our breath rises up to mingle with them

translate our thoughts to the wind

that whispers it to our lost souls like

the small birds flying with fast wings and

the still mountains that keep a stable


wonder, and wander, but do not

let your mind fret the emotions

of your individual being.

We are capable of so much


Leave the passions of your soul and return once more

to the greater expanse of the universe.


you shut me out

and look past me as if I were a

distant horizon

blurred by a lifetime of


a connection disrupted you

only want our mother you

only wanted to claim

it seemed you could not


I wish that I was unaware of

those hurtful sours beneath sentences those

needle-nice-ities that frost beneath your stare

I wish I believed in your care



when fresh air hits a block of reality



atoms spaced apart





and then

walk into an office

closed space

cycled thoughts

stale breath




breathing shallows

thoughts shorten 

brainwaves numbed 



vision fogged and I 

cannot see the ocean from here

clarity is lost

I would work better from

outer space


The Arabian Humpback Whale

Arabian sea, gulf of aden, Indian Ocean

found off the coast of Hasik

your home never stretched too far

A small family self contained

you struggled to find another like you

your tail and dorsal fin a fingerprint of

who you are

Your song reaches this cliff cove to the next

mixed reflections from the shallow coral and the deep unknown

your song changes, evolving with your thoughts and influence

your skin shines against the sun as you breach

your song is sad a lesson to humans you try to teach

1966 a genocide of your kind

now you are almost one of a kind

83 in estimate in the world in each other

and the waters are great

seemingly infinite

our selfish habits crushed your fate

fished the ocean onto our plate

put the fuel on our feet and

the diamond in our eyes

we never heard of comprimise


there is hope yet

the only migratory whale species

unique to the gulf

the Arabian Humpback Whale will return