a gut ache in my tummy

a trouble trembling

tumble dread

and I dont know what for 

just yet

a restless stillness lurking

lizard laughing in my gut

fussing fretting fighting

flutters my heart

and still I don’t know why

just yet

I wonder what will happen

if this is a premonition

of an imminent condition

if I should watch my step and listen

to the dread

or instead

should I step onto the conveyer belt

not listen to these things I’ve felt 

because maybe I haven’t turned into a 

psychic just yet







that delicate gravity

it floats above us and

gently weighs us down to let

the soles of our feet fall far enough

to touch the ground

so we might walk to where

we want to be

o delicate souls we are

that have not learnt to fly just yet

life, life, that lets us breathe

that gives us oxygen to fill our

eyes with wonder our minds with miracle

life,  that makes some moments freeze

into eternity

so that we learn to fly

stepping into paused skies  made of

brick walled moments paralysed

tripping over the invisible threads of our minds

life, its turning cycles tune our thoughts into

reality, that gentle fire that makes us

twist our ankles

as we chase ideas into real dreams

when reality did speak

and when reality did speak

it spoke in cryptic symbols like

the letters of the greek

it spoke in tongue

and sometimes bong

it spoke in serenaded song

when reality did dream

it dreamt of flight

unwordly heights

tongue tied and trapped

it nightmared on

unfinished fights

unworded plights

and mute misery it bit at the sound

that might have set it free

and when reality did scream

it screamed of passion past and

histories snapped like twig branches

of a breaking tree like lost limbs

and the phantom pains of incomplete increscents

leaning like magnets towards form

to find the peace anchored in the

eye of the storm

but when reality sang

it brought meaning to the dreaming

and made matter strong

it sang in harmony and from the

chaos it wove a melody

it breathed energy seeing life

as life it knew


when wisdom is lost

it makes my knees weak and

my teeth break in a shatter against

themselves trying to twist into

a matter that wont speak for itself

as it retreats into a


without face

encased in the displaced

realisation that

I was there

was once where

wisdom lived and shone fair

like the gravity of wonder and 

the atoms in the air they

did care that heart it did

beat it did seek

the spoken word it did 

defeat a world and conquer 

souls with dreams and delusions 

more real than the intrusions of 

reality in this place

it was ace.


break those bars

like a fruit fallen away from its tree

rolled into a corner and rot

a cycle of stale thoughts 

corrupt lessons

dreams unwoven thread by thread 

degutted into lifeless corpse where once

I almost remember life in presence

before these layers fell over my eyes

cobwebbed wall of un-wonder


anchor over heart



tripping over old wounds

paralysed presence 

tortured and shaking the bars that hold it

let it be free

I wish that my minds cage would

release its hold on me



keep yourself together

if we find the melody will our toes find dance

if we lose our harmony will it be to chance

if we wind our ways to yesterdays will

it better our prance?

if we find the glue to gather our mind

will it stay together?

if we find the blue that colours our sky

will it be forever

or will the red apocalyptic glaze

blaze closer everyday

asking that our souls

lose itself in play?


this world

is growing

it is picking out the pieces of its mind

laying it out on continents and

looking closely at what it might find

what wars or warriors or fragments of


what camp of chaos crescending and


what glaring growling shadow

hiding behind the every door

waiting to slam it on foot

or face

asking evermore

for more

for better



sunlight streams a 

point of focus loses sight the world once

made of delight turns disaster in a single night

a train a train a train is racing across the channels

of this brain and aching like a convict courting

chaos with the ethos of the criminally insane and never again 

and then again and then the blame is inward and reclaims

that frame of confidence once there disintegrates like words all

watered out of wisdom and worry n worry wary worry in a hurry

rushing where and wear and ware and…..


be more mindful

when i left a piece of my mind behind

gumdrop shoeboots

a puzzle shook shook and

fallen on a concrete floor

gumdrop shoeboots

there is no consciousness here anymore so

decipher dream from reality with watercolours

until the edges become blurry then

listen clearly to the voices that speak from

the inside or your mind the little people sitting

on the edge of your ear saying things you almost

never knew and then