They break apart like these letters

that won’t hold any truth to fit the mold

any truth that stems from soul.

And words they keep us laughing

at the elephant in the room

like a big party balloon that is

floating in the way.

And words they show us branches

from the paths that we were on like

a note from the same song that leads

you into the wrong

and words they shift and shiver like

they  aren’t used to the cold

disappear in a second

never stay to become old.

What happened to forever in the

things we say and do? when

each thread was stitched forever

and our tapestry was true

what happened to the kindness and

the people so aware? like my brother who

would notice and who never failed to share

all his love and acceptance and a smile

from sip to soul? it’s a flatsheet of squareworld now

and it feels so alone.


Dreams of fried egg

over nasi goreng

and the crunch of fresh crushed

ice lemon juice (we won’t call it lemonade)

And the dead weight of dates make the palm bend


as neon parakeets collect their sweet treasures and

leave the gems behind to grow. And

the shrieks of a hungry child- who might just

be tired-don’t you know? and a switch to their bright smile,

see the eyes of an opening mind and the stretch

of a waking soul and the wonder and surprise

as their world unfolds

watch this pitter patter of chitter chatter

over chai

Don’t let it sit

let it ponder

let it pass

or let it be

Don’t let it blink

but let it wonder

let it think

and let it see

Don’t let it look back

or let it regret

or get upset

but let it be free

Don’t let it sit

let it look forward

let it hope, let it dream

Don’t let it sit

but let it strive

let it step, let it see