a poem to break the silence

to hold onto the
threads of a web,
a sun that separates
the storm from cloud,
a day that falls over
its fields like song,
the shadows of the trees
create a scene o’ so serene
if you just sit to see it is the
best place you have been
take a second to be silent
and a moment to be still
feel the breeze across your face
and the sun upon your skin
feel the earth beneath you being
and the air around you is


something isn’t right

when your friends wish
you happy birthday on
5 years after you’ve
-and they still think
you are alive
I wonder if i did believe
you were still here-
-would it bring you

something isn’t right

when you find yourself
for what you didn’t do
ridiculing others
for something really you
judging first, before
and after, lest you
lose your self-created
place and find instead (o no!)-
-a real space!
Something isn’t right
when the same turbulent
conversations of seven
years ago
still haven’t settled
when only -your- response has changed
how do you apologise for patience,
or stupidity, or love?


the crisp of sun on shoulder
the glint and squint of bright
the freedom of a winding path
stretching until out of sight
feel cool breeze beneath
big trees
the scent of grass so green
feel like an audience to a show
the best show ever seen.